GED® 2014 Test Preparation Bundle

GED® 2014 Test Preparation Bundle

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Prepare for and master the GED® 2014 Test Prep on CD or via the web and walk in prepared - from having practiced these all the required concepts which are explained and practiced in detail.

The GED test has traditionally been an opportunity for those for whom a high school diploma was not feasible for whatever reason. Passing the GED® 2014 Test provides opportunities. GED® testing can be intimidating, but being prepared, is the key to confidence.

Math seems to be a stumbling block for many. For this reason, we have provided comprehensive math practice problems and practice tests. This GED® 2014 Test Prep Bundle offers extensive practice with step-by-step hints and solutions. If you study each solution, you will leave each question knowing how to do the problem.

The new GED® 2014 Test requires that more content be learned and that the content be used in reasoning situations. This new bundle for the GED® 2014 Test Prep addresses the new content which will be tested. Below is a quote from a prison that has been using our previous GED bundle for many years:

"After discovering that our adult inmates were at 3rd grade level, we implemented MathMedia Educational Software Arithmetic, Basic Math, Reading, and practice GED-Math ... inmate's lives were transformed, ... their academic skills were improved... they passed the GED. Follow-up data indicates that the majority of the released inmates who participated in this program have been able to become productive citizens within our communities." D.W., Douglas County

Since the new GED® 2014 Test is more extensive with higher expectations, we have assembled this 23-program bundle to meet the needs. Also included in this bundle is Reading Comprehension practice which is necessary for the Language Arts portions of the new GED® 2014 Test. The Reading and Thinking – Level 3 includes over 100 reading passages in Social Science and Basic Science principles.

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