Algebra Series Plus Algebra Basics®

Algebra Series By Chapter + Pre-Algebra

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Algebra By Chapter (8 Chapters) + Pre-Algebra
Set of 9 Programs

Algebra Basics (Pre-Algebra) includes:

Signed Numbers, Order of Operations, Variables, Properties, Expressions, Equations, Exponents, Square Roots, Sets, Probability, and Charts and Graphs. Pre-Algebra is the foundation for success in future math classes. MathMedia provides basic algebra lessons and practice for the beginning algebra student. Short quizzes are available for assessing each topic.

Begin learning algebra with "Algebra Basics" (Pre Algebra). The pre-requisite for learning algebra is to have a firm foundation in pre-algebra. Follow the study of pre algebra with eight (8) chapters (programs) of first year algebra software.

Algebra Series By Chapter includes
8 Chapters:

First Semester: Chapters 1 - 4
CH1: Basic Algebra Concepts
CH2: Inequalities & Open Sentences
CH3: Linear Functions
CH4: Polynomials - Products & Factors

Second Semester: Chapters 5 - 8
CH5: Rational Expressions (Algebraic Fractions)
CH6: Roots, Radicals & Complex Numbers
CH7: Quadratic Equations
CH8: Variation & Advanced Polynomial Equations

Curriculum Description:
MathMedia Algebra Series by Chapter software is a comprehensive, standards-based full year Algebra 1 and and first semester Algebra 2 course. This academic computer math software follows the traditional high school Algebra curriculum used in high quality Algebra textbooks. It meets the National Common Core Standards for high school Algebra. The programs are designed just like the contents of an Algebra textbook. Each of the 8 Chapters is made up of learning sections. Each learning section has a corresponding quiz. Chapters include both a comprehensive practice-test and post-test. Post-tests provide an assessment of the chapter and diagnosis strengths and weaknesses for the learning sections studied in the chapter.

Learn algebra with step-by-step help offered on demand by the user. This back to basics algebra software includes the entire linear algebra curriculum necessary for success in first year algebra.

Each algebra chapter is structured and organized as an algebra text book with daily sections including introductions, sample algebra problems followed by practice problems with algebra help, quizzes for each section and concluding with a comprehensive chapter test (same format as a textbook). Learning algebra with software that is easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to follow from one section to the next is the key to success. Start on page 1 of Chapter 1, just as you would in a textbook. Conclude each chapter with algebra word problems and a test which can be taken for practice and another test which can be taken for a score which is recorded onto the included database. For detailed sample screens of linear algebra problems on each chapter of this algebra software, please click on the "Algebra Software" tab on the top left of this page.